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I must become a lion-hearted girl

Ready for a fight, before I make the final sacrifice

How's My Driving?
It's getting a little awkward in here
Got anything to say about how I play Catty? Leave concrit/plot ideas/whatever you can think of here. Anon is on, IP Logging is off.

Game: counted_stars
Mun: batsu_espada 
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Character Relationships
Don't you look spiffy today~
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You mean -this- cake here?
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Application for counted_stars
Smile like you mean it
Player Information:

Name or Handle: Ashe
LJ: batsu_espada
Email: fallennightgoddess@yahoo.com
AIM or MSN name: Nevra Solstice
Any current characters here?: Just a couple of NPCs.
Would you like a protocol droid?: BD If it's Leah.

Character Information:

Character Name: Catty Turner
Age: 17
Canon: Daughters of the Moon
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