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I must become a lion-hearted girl

Ready for a fight, before I make the final sacrifice

Catty Turner
14 September
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This is how it feels to be the victim of a spell...

Catty Turner;
the scroll's heir

"I need encouragement. Every heir has made a fatal error. I wonder what mine will be."

⇁ A Daughter of the Moon ↼
⇁ Currently a Civilian ↼
⇁ Taken from after she defeats the Atrox ↼
⇁ Once trained under Master Durron; now a student of Jacen Solo ↼
⇁ Was born unlucky ↼
⇁ Force-bonded to Kyp Durron ↼
⇁ Master of time ↼
⇁ A goddess born to make the ultimate sacrifice ↼
⇁ Lives by her lies ↼

“I’ve always understood what my sacrifice would be.”

...so beautiful and tragic, poetic and romantic

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